Online bingo websites

  • Thursday, Jan 21, 2021

When you search for online-casino-za you will see results for a myriad of online casinos all catering for players from South Africa. These online casinos offer the full spectrum of online casino games, including the very popular game, Bingo. There are options to play for free and options to play for real money. But let us take a more in-depth look at this popular game.

Brief history of Bingo

Bingo is believed to have originated in 1530s in Italy where it started as a lottery. It spread to France where, favoured by the French aristocracy, it more closely took on the form used today. By the 1770 is was hugely popular in Europe and by the 18th century it spread to Britain's industrial towns before hopping the pond to the US.

  1. 1530s - Early Bingo version in Italy
  2. 1700s - Became popular in France
  3. 1800s - Spread in Britain
  4. 1920s - Named 'Bingo' in the US

The name Bingo is suggested to come from a US toy maker, Edwin Lowe that used to play the game with his friends. Because beans were used to cover the called-out numbers, it was known as 'Beano'. Lowe played the game with friends and one of them shouted Bingo instead of Beano. Lowe made changes to the game and started selling it as Bingo in the late 1920s.

Online Bingo's origins

The first ever Bingo web site was created in 1996 at the start of online gambling's boom period. Only in 2003, along with a huge popularity of online Poker did online Bingo also become popular and many dedicated websites were created. In 2013 the first online Bingo players network was launched and this allowed Bingo to move onto the mobile platform.

The rules of Bingo has remained consistent over time but the most popular variants are 75-, 80-, and 90-ball bingo. Each variant calls for players to cover numbers as they are called out. There are usually three ways to win. One line win requires a horisontal line of numbers. Two lines needs 2 horisontal lines covered and a full house requires the whole card to be covered.

When and where to play Bingo

Players that follow basic bingo tips are more likely to win that those who just blindly log onto a bingo site and hope for the best. Most bingo players log on after hours as it is most convenient. If you are playing a networked bingo game online, this means that most other players are also online so there are more players competing for the same pot of money.

Make sure that you sign up and purchase your bingo cards at reputable South African gambling sites. Rather first do research on an online bingo site and check for things like where it is licensed, what are their fair-play terms and conditions and lastly trawl some forums to see what other players' experience with the site is. A little work up-front goes far to ensure an enjoyable player experience.

Bingo tips and tricks

One good tip is to play with multiple cards at once, increasing your chances of getting a winning combination. Also play with what you can afford and do not veer off from your Bingo budget. Take advantage of bonus offers such as sites offering you a bonus for depositing with them. Some offer free bingo cards, allowing you to first try out a bingo site to see the experience.

  • Play within your financial budget
  • Play multiple cards at once
  • Make use of bonus offers
  • Join a bingo community
  • Remember bingo is a game of chance

By joining a bingo community, you are exposed to other players sharing knowledge such as tips and bonus offers. Players also share negative experiences from sites thereby warning others to stay away or to be careful. Remember that Bingo is a game of chance and you could face a losing streak at some point. Therefore, coming back to our original tip, always play within your means.


and in conclusion

The game of bingo has come a long way since the 1500s and eventually making its way to the online realm. The best thing is that the rules have remained consistent over time so there is no need to learn new skills when playing Bingo. Variants of the game allow for more entertainment as long as you play responsibly and at a reputable online casino.

Be sure to do your homework on the tips and tricks and research the online site that you aim to play at before you deposit money and buy bingo cards. If you keep these basics in mind as you play and stay within your financial means, you are in for an entertaining and potentially lucrative online Bingo playing experience. The best of luck to you!